Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Hound in a Hat…

I’ve carved in the cushion for the rocking chair and have added a nice barnyard red to it to provide that country look.  With the bit of dry-brushing that I did on the cushion, I’m thinking that it’s looking sufficiently worn like a good rocker should be.  I put a darker stain on it and then pulled away some of the colouring on the high spots, again, to give it a well used look.  When I get a bit of urethane on it, the colour of the cushion and the grain in the rocking chair will really stand out.  I’m also planning to add some cushion ties when things are in the final stages to really give it a complete look.


I also did some roughing-in on the hat.  I was shooting for something that looked like a big straw hat somewhere between a cowboy hat and a sombrero.  I think I’m pretty close.  The trick was to ensure that the hat looked like a good fit on the Country Hound…and fit around the back of the rocking chair.  Took a bit of fitting back and forth.  In making the hat ( two pieces ) and fitting it to the Hound’s head, I used the process of scribbling pencil lead on one of the two mating parts and then cutting away the high points where the lead marked the clean mating piece.


With all of the individual pieces together, our little Hound is coming right along.  Time to start adding some detail next.



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2 thoughts on “Hound in a Hat…

  1. Love it,the detail in the rocking chair is fantastic and the little hat looks great,it’s going to be a beautiful piece Mark.


  2. Glad you are enjoying the progress, Lynne. That little rocker is going to look nice when it’s completed with the urethane coat and the cushion ties.


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