Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

A Pretty Serious Wrangler

I’m having some fun with this little hound.  He’s turning out to be a pretty serious looking wrangler…someone’s who has seen his share of cow thieves.

With one eyebrow raised higher than the other in a suspicious gesture, eyes rolled off to one side looking for banditos and a thinner, more weather worn, face than I’ve carved for Bassets…he’s clearly a working, and hard working, dawg.

Oh…did I mention the droopy smoke hanging out of his mouth?  This carving is going to make a nice scene.



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2 thoughts on “A Pretty Serious Wrangler

  1. He looks fantastic Mark,that is one little hound who has worked hard and I love the little smoke hanging out his mouth 🙂


  2. Haha! I like him too. Peggy thinks that I should give him some ample grey hair around the nose just to prove the fact that he’s been on the job for some time.


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