Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Ready for a Lift

The pulley and basket system is ready for it’s first lift.  I wonder what those little dingbats will need to stock up on first?

The pulleys are made from “slices” of a dowel that I had hanging around the shop and have grooves cut into their circumference to hold the rope.  The rope is masonry twine, which was bright white until I put black shoe polish on it.  The basket is just carved into the bark and the jib that hangs over the door is carved from cherry.

The “rope” was fed through drilled holes and knotted and then the knots were melted with a burning tool so that they wouldn’t come undone.  The end rope that the dingbats will use to hoist the basket up with is fastened to a peg just outside the door.


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