Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

A Sunny Day at the Bark Cottage

A beautiful day today in Kingston and Rosie and I spent a couple of hours enjoying the backyard…carving, weeding, barking at squirrels, etc.  Here’s a couple of pictures from our afternoon.

I’ve hollowed out the back of the carving with the Foredom tool so that I could open up the window panes.  I used the same process as the last time…drilled out the window pane with a small bit, hollowed out the back until I was able to see the drilled holes and then used knives and chisels to clean up the square panes.  I’ve also used a small gouge to create the look of bark on the tree and have added some blocks, boulders and a tunnel entrance to the bottom of the carving.

A bit more work on the base and then adding the rope and pulleys for the freight elevator and we’ll be ready for a finish to be applied.


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4 thoughts on “A Sunny Day at the Bark Cottage

  1. Cheryl on said:

    Looks really good! The second photo of the house. The way you placed the door and window by your thumb, gives life to the tree as if it has a face. Above the door it is as if he has wrinkles in concentration or deep in thought.
    I love your dog. she is beautiful!


  2. Lynne on said:

    Another perfect carving,you really have an eye for details and I can’t wait to see the rope and pulleys for the freight elevator,love it.
    Rosie is a Beautiful little girl,she has such an expressive face 🙂


  3. Thanks Cheryl. I never really thought about giving the tree some human qualities. I think that I’m going to intentionally design that into my next bark carving. And Rosie’s a good little dog.


  4. Lynne, those ropes and pulleys are going to be different for sure. Rosie’s face is expressive in that it says “I’m the boss.”


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