Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

The Beach Basset

Time to get back to a nice Basset Hound caricature.  I’m fortunate to know a few really creative people who come up with novel ideas for me.  This little Basset will be enjoying a sunny day at the beach…with all of the trappings of a lazy day…lounge chair, fancy drink and the latest newspaper.

You’re probably familiar with an Adirondack chair often seen on the beach and at cottages.  In Canada, and certainly in Ontario, the same style of chair is known as a Muskoka chair.  It’s a wooden lounge chair that’s fairly low to the ground and surprisingly comfortable.  The Muskokas is an area in Ontario known for it’s beautiful lakes, beaches and cottages.  The very wealthy have terrific homes in this area of Ontario.  The rest of us own a chair or two.

I cut out the various parts for the Muskoka chair out of a piece of basswood.  On the back and seat of the chair, I carved in the wood slats and later burned them with a wood burning tool for greater definition.  Finally I glued it all together with epoxy.  Before painting, I’m using the chair to size the Basset that will sit in it.  I’ll use clay again to do a quick initial sculpture that I’ll use as a mock-up for the carving.


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4 thoughts on “The Beach Basset

  1. Cheryl on said:

    Looking forward to seeing this one! Basset Hound lover that I’m not! Lol


  2. Hey, I’m also cooking up some ideas for a Cajun cottage project that you got me thinking about. Mark.


  3. Really looking forward to seeing this one take shape 🙂 the Muskoka chair looks fabulous.


  4. Thanks Lynne. I’m getting close to finishing the clay sculpture and it’s looking good.


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