Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Some Initial Clay Sculpting

I’ve decided to do a clay mock-up of the Basset Hound body to help me along with the later carving.  I really found that the clay sculpture that I did of the Hockey Player helped out a lot in the carving phase of that project…so, we’ll try it again.

I’ve still got a ways to go on the clay but you can see the general shape that I’m after.  This beach lounger will be reading a paper while relaxing in the sun, so the arms are positioned to hold a folded and wrinkled paper.  I’ve actually got an interesting idea on how to make the paper, so stay tuned and I’ll let you in on it…if it works!

I need to put some deeper wrinkles in the bathing suit and age the Basset’s face a bit more as I want this hound looking a little  long in the tooth.


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4 thoughts on “Some Initial Clay Sculpting

  1. Cheryl on said:

    Looking good already!


  2. Thanks Cheryl. I’m glad that I started doing a quick clay sculpture prior to carving. It’s a good reference and is actually a lot of fun to do. Mark.


  3. It looks fantastic Mark,the basset hound is pretty impressive looking in clay too.


  4. He’s coming along pretty well, Lynne. I need to give some thought to the newspaper that he’ll be reading. Mark


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