Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

On The Road Again

Well, at least on the road again with a new project.  This one is going to return us to our Basset Hound theme but, for a change of pace, add in a bit of motion along the way.

Here’s the start to a vintage race car piloted by a couple of fun-loving Bassets.  I’m looking forward to including lots of detail in this one like panel lines on the car, horns ( no, it won’t actually work ), lights ( won’t work either ), clutch handle ( nope ) and I’m even thinking about a spare tire on the back.  One hound will be driving and the other will be trying to hold the map against the wind.

I started this one with clay.  Now you might ask why I bothered with clay but the car actually has a lot of interesting contours and I want to make sure that it has the shape of a vintage car but that it will fit two little Bassets side by side and still look “right.”

After cutting the outline out on the bandsaw, I used a Merlin tool to do the rough contouring.  This little tool is handheld and basically has a little circular chainsaw blade at the end that spins and removes wood pretty quickly.  I followed up with the same tool but with a coarse disc that looks much like a Foredom Typhoon bit.  The two allowed me to make some pretty quick and very straight flat planes that you would expect as segments of  a car body.

Just click on these photos and you’ll see bigger versions.




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4 thoughts on “On The Road Again

  1. Lynne on said:

    Fantastic idea,can’t wait to see this take shape 🙂


  2. This should be fun, Lynne.


  3. pablo on said:

    seguire cada progreso de tu nuevo proyecto ….se muy interesante :).

    saludos cordiales


  4. Gracias, Pablo. Un coche es una nueva idea para mi. Vamos a ver!


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