Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Some Clay Work

I’ve done enough detail on the car to know where I’m heading with it.  Now I want to position the driver and passenger so that I get a sense of where their bodies and paws will be positioned before I start the additional details of the clutch handle and steering wheel.

So, out came the clay today.  I used the Foredom tool and a cylindrical Typhoon bit with a rounded head to carve out the cockpit.  There’s enough room for the tops of the back legs of these little guys to just fit under the dash and make it look like they’re well extended beyond the dash.  I also ended up carving the backrest of the cockpit even further back because I wanted a nice curvature to their backs and I wasn’t able to get that with the shallower cockpit that I had carved originally.  That curve of the back allows me to lean the dogs forward and make it look like they’re fighting the wind a bit more.

This is the very first stage of the clay sculpture and once finished it’ll give me a terrific 3d model of what the wood carving has to look like.   Lots more to come this week.  Emily is on March Break so she’ll be visiting.  While we were at the Hamilton Carving Show, Emily got interested in wood burning, so she’ll be trying her hand at wood burning and I’ll do some clay sculpting!






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2 thoughts on “Some Clay Work

  1. Lynne on said:

    You can really get a picture in your mind about these little hounds driving and it’s going to be fantastic,you are as talented with clay as you are with wood Mark.
    Have a great time with Emily and hope to see some of the wood burning she does.


  2. Thanks Lynne. The clay is a lot of fun. I think that there’s a better clay that I can be using as this “air-dry” clay is great for the purpose of using as a pattern, but it cracks badly once it’s dry and really can’t be kept. I’m with you…Emily should be putting her artwork eventually on her crocheting blog (mspremiseconclusion).


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