Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Just Prior to Final Sanding

Here’s what Michael looks like prior to some final sanding.  I added my version of the feathers on the underside of the wings with some chisel work followed up by ruby cutters on a Foredom tool.  Ruby cutters are fine stones that provide some cutting along with a satin finish to the wood.  I used these tear-drop shaped cutters so that I wouldn’t have to cut each in by hand and likely leave some knife and chisel marks.

I’m still working a bit on Michael’s face, as well.  I’m looking for a not too kindly but not too frightening expression!

I haven’t really been doing too much carving over the Christmas holiday.  Instead, I’ve been enjoying Emily’s company during her visit home.  Tomorrow, she’ll be heading back which will send me back into the workshop to finish some fine sanding.   Following that, I’ll set this panel aside and begin the third panel of the chalice box with the image of Jesus holding a chalice and loaf.




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