Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Joining the Box Panels

I had originally intended to join the box together using bevel joints…basically, a 45 degree saw cut along the length of the box side with each side glued to the adjoining panel.  I don’t have a table saw but I do have a nice radial arm saw that was given to me by my Dad.

When I cut the basic panels out of the basswood length that I bought, I had set the saw up pretty accurately for a nice square cut.  There’s actually a lot to setting up a radial arm saw and I had it within about 1/64″ accuracy.  When I went to cut a bevel cut, however, it was a different story.  The bevel cut of about a 12″ length and through an inch thick stock just could not be kept accurate ( and I’m honestly still not sure why )…so, I gave up and went to Plan ‘B’.

And Plan ‘B’ worked out so well it will now become Plan ‘A’ for remaining projects!

As you can see from the photos, I created a bit of a more complex rabbet joint using a router.  I just carefully measured out the dimension of the rabbets and used a fence and hand-held router.  I wanted to keep any joint lines that might be slightly visible as thin as possible…that’s why there’s that little 1/8″ ‘cap’ on one of the panel sides.  Next step is to add a top and bottom to the box.


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