Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

Time for a Santa

You know, I’ve never carved a Santa. I always think about carving one just before Christmas and by the time I get around to things, Christmas is over and I’m on to something new.

This year is different…maybe. At least I’ve started on a Santa.

So, here’s how I’m coming along with it. Started with just a quick sketch directly on the basswood and then went from there. I threw it out twice before finishing it! I’ll do a bit more wood burning to clean up a couple of spots and then on to painting.


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10 thoughts on “Time for a Santa

  1. Merry Christmas !


  2. Terry Johnson on said:

    Great job Mark! Surprised you haven’t done a Santa before.


  3. He already looks jolly. Nice work as always Mark.


  4. Thanks Wendy. I wasn’t sure at first. When I was roughing him in, I kept calling him “scary Santa.” He’s turning out a little jollier, though.


  5. Chris everdell on said:

    Looks like he could be up to mischief on Christmas Eve!!


  6. That there is one handsome Santa. He’s gorgeous. 😀


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