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A Little Reading Material

Well, here’s something new for me.

You’ll recall from an earlier post that I fashioned a newspaper out of a light sheet of brass, with some soldering and “newspaper white” painting included.

Now comes time for the printed sections.  I knew that the printing couldn’t be readable given the size of the paper (!) and that I only needed to provide some chicken scratch for the articles, but, I wasn’t completely sure how I was going to do it.  I eventually decided on using a mechanical pencil with an HB lead ( read: small, soft and dark ), followed with a light mist coating of a matte finish urethane to prevent things from smudging.

I’ve completed the front of the paper and even included a couple of advertisements and a “photo” of a doghouse to go along with one of the articles.  I’m pretty pleased with the Daily News so far!


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