Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

And the Snow Keeps Coming…

Well, this is definitely February in Ontario.  Rosie enjoys it, though, and I have a good reason to stay in and carve.  I actually had to cut a little path in the snow so that Rosie could get outside without tunnelling!



Our little Wrangler is coming along with some additional roughing in of what will become some nice detail…his boots, the start of a gun belt and additional belt for his pants, his vest, shirt and neckerchief.  He has that slightly leaning back posture that I’ll accentuate by slimming down the carving here and there.

I think I’ll rough in those arms now before going any further with the body so that I can get a good feel for how he’ll look leaning against that fence post.

Oh, and we’ve decided that we’re calling this Wrangler, Buford.  Not sure why.


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4 thoughts on “And the Snow Keeps Coming…

  1. Cheryl Caro on said:

    The snow is beautiful. Buford is a looking good too ☺️


  2. The snow does look beautiful but very deep,Rosie however seems to be having lots of fun 🙂 The detail in Buford is amazing and he is coming to life.


  3. Thanks Lynne and Cheryl. The snow does look nice, but unfortunately it’s accompanied by severe cold right now. Real cold. Even for a Canadian.


  4. Stay warm and safe!


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