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This and That

Well, things have been pretty busy around the homestead lately, but here’s an update on some of my activities.

The Maple Leaf Forever Tree project is coming along nicely.  You’ll recall from my last post that this particular maple tree which was felled in a wind storm was the inspiration for our first national anthem written by Alexander Muir back in 1867 or so.  The Ontario Wood Carvers Association saved a small portion of the tree and have carved a memorial that will be displayed at the Ontario Science Centre for years to come.

I spent several days travelling between Kingston and Toronto so that I could carve a portion of the tree at the Centre in Toronto.   The carving and just being a part of this project with twenty other carvers from Ontario was a delight…the traffic was not.

The unveiling of the tree is planned for July 19th at the Science Centre.  Guest speakers, a band playing “The Maple Leaf Forever”, and several carving activities for the kids who are always present at the Science Centre will round out the day’s activities.

The tree is just getting the final coats of stain-over-urethane finish and it’s looking superb.


I’ve also finished up the chalice box depicting Saints Timothy and Maura and am pleased with the way that it turned out.


I’ve been spending more time with the Ontario Wood Carvers Association and had a chance to drop by the Burlington Ontario Club to see what they’ve been up to.  All of you carvers will be very jealous ( as I am ) of their workshop.  They meet at the Art Gallery of Burlington ( south of Toronto ) for their weekly carving sessions and have full access to a very well equipped workshop in the middle of the art gallery.  Pretty nice set-up.


And last, but not least, Rosie and I have been doing our fair share of gardening.  Now it’s back to some more carving.



Magic in Wood Carving Show

Fall means two things around here: a lot of birch leaves and pine needles to clean up around the house, and the Magic in Wood carving show in Pickering Ontario.  I like the Fall, but I’ll admit that I like the carving show more than I like the raking to be done.

The show is on this weekend and I’ll be entering the three carvings below…”Two Minutes for Fighting”, the bark cottage and “George Proudfeather.”  It’s always a great show with a lot of carvers showing up from throughout the province, Quebec and some up from New York state.  I’m looking forward to showing these carvings and it would be nice to come home with a ribbon.

And, yes, before the weekend I’ll also be starting to rake the leaves and pine needles under Rosie’s watchful eye.

A Sunny Day at the Bark Cottage

A beautiful day today in Kingston and Rosie and I spent a couple of hours enjoying the backyard…carving, weeding, barking at squirrels, etc.  Here’s a couple of pictures from our afternoon.

I’ve hollowed out the back of the carving with the Foredom tool so that I could open up the window panes.  I used the same process as the last time…drilled out the window pane with a small bit, hollowed out the back until I was able to see the drilled holes and then used knives and chisels to clean up the square panes.  I’ve also used a small gouge to create the look of bark on the tree and have added some blocks, boulders and a tunnel entrance to the bottom of the carving.

A bit more work on the base and then adding the rope and pulleys for the freight elevator and we’ll be ready for a finish to be applied.

And the Snow Keeps Coming…

Well, this is definitely February in Ontario.  Rosie enjoys it, though, and I have a good reason to stay in and carve.  I actually had to cut a little path in the snow so that Rosie could get outside without tunnelling!



Our little Wrangler is coming along with some additional roughing in of what will become some nice detail…his boots, the start of a gun belt and additional belt for his pants, his vest, shirt and neckerchief.  He has that slightly leaning back posture that I’ll accentuate by slimming down the carving here and there.

I think I’ll rough in those arms now before going any further with the body so that I can get a good feel for how he’ll look leaning against that fence post.

Oh, and we’ve decided that we’re calling this Wrangler, Buford.  Not sure why.


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