Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

The Finished Cabin

I applied some clear satin urethane to the carving and found that the urethane soaked nicely into the bark leaving a darker colour and a very satin, almost flat, finish.  I like this finish, but if my daughter, Emily, wants something with a bit more gloss I’ll put a second coat of urethane on the carving later on.  I also added a couple of door-knobs ( which are the rounded ends of a pop-rivet ) and painted them black.

All done!  I’ll get all of the photos I’ve taken of the cabin on the Flickr Site ( the link is to the right of this page ) shortly.

Is it too late in the season to go back to my Hockey Player and complete that carving now?


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5 thoughts on “The Finished Cabin

  1. Lynne on said:

    A very beautiful piece,as always well made with lots of details and the finish is perfect.


  2. Thanks Lynne. Peggy will be seeing Emily this weekend and will deliver it to her.


  3. Cheryl on said:

    A beautiful keepsake your daughter will have from her dad. Awesome work as usual!


  4. Thanks Cheryl. Emily has picked out a favourite caricature that I have at home as well ( Chico and Poncho ). My evil plan is to slowly fill her place with carvings.


  5. Cheryl on said:

    Well atleast she has fantastic taste in art!


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