Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

A New Bark Cottage

We called the last one a Cottonwood Cabin, so we’ll go with Cottonwood Cottage with this one.  Why am I carving another bark cottage/cabin?…because Emily has one and Peggy wants one too.  Plus, I like carving them.

Here’s what the bark looked like when I started out.  I wanted to do something similar to the cabin that I just finished, so, right off the bat, that rectangular portion on the top right started looking a lot like a chimney to me.

This time around, I did some quick blocking and shaping with the Foredom tool along with a Typhoon bit.  I blocked in two stepped roof lines ( one for shingles and the other for a thatched roof ) and the start to a tree with several limbs wrapping around the cottage.

You’ll definitely need a good vacuum system to catch all of the dust that this Typhoon bit on bark produces.  That bark is very light and if your system isn’t picking it up as soon as it comes off of the block, you’ll be in the doghouse.

Once that rough shaping was complete it was just a matter of using the knives and chisels to start shaping the cedar shingles and, below that, the thatched roof.  I added a few windows for interest and plan to add several more as I go.

Stay tuned for more!


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2 thoughts on “A New Bark Cottage

  1. Lynne on said:

    I’m not surprised Peggy wants a cottonwood cottage,they are beautifully made and I love all the details you add as you go along,it’s going to be another fabulous piece.


  2. This is actually going to be my fourth bark carving, so now Mom, Emily ( she has two ) and Peggy will all have a bark carving.


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