Wood Carvings by Mark Sheridan

A Little More Detailing

This little hard-working fellow is getting a bit more detail in clay.  I’ve added some facial features, a couple of rolled up cuffs on his open, outer shirt, and some clothes wrinkles here and there to show some stretching going on under that load that he’s going to be carrying.

A little bit more detail and I’ll be ready to start roughing in the wood carving.  This clay sculpting is really helping me visualize what the wood carving will look like and will give me a bit more confidence that I’m removing the “right” pieces of wood once the knives and chisels come out.





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2 thoughts on “A Little More Detailing

  1. Your clay sculpture of the little guy is fabulous and the details really stand out,it’s going to be another outstanding piece and I cannot wait to see it in wood 🙂

  2. Thanks Lynne. This little guy will be interesting to carve. I’ve got some fun ideas for the packages that he’ll be carrying.

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