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Paul likes Lola already…

I think that Lola is going to be one of Paul’s favourite carvings…especially when she gets that fish in her mouth!

I’m just starting to block in some shape to Lola.  She has one back leg swung under her in a very relaxed pose ( following some intense fishing ).  The fish…which I’m looking forward to carving…will be done in two pieces and glued into either side of her mouth.  I could have decided to carve the fish in one piece along with Lola’s head but this just wouldn’t have provided the strength that the two-pieced-fish would have with the wood grain oriented along the length of the fish.

Hope you like her so far…Paul does!


A New Project – Lola

A friend recently sent me a couple of photos of ‘Lola’, her little Lab.  I really liked one, in particular, of Lola having just returned from a fishing expedition.  Apparently, Lola gets out fishing whenever she can. Image   Lola’s a nice looking Lab with an interesting hobby, and hopefully, will soon be displayed sitting at her favourite, private fishing hole.  Here’s yesterday’s progress… Image

Painting Completed

I’ve finished off the canoe paddles and the working decoy…which turned out to be a golden-eye that’s been well used over the years. The dock is painted and weathered as well and everything now has a clear coat of satin urethane applied.

Next, and final step, will be to make up an oak base on which the carving will be mounted.

Hope you enjoy the progress photos.




Toby Gets Some Colour

Toby’s colouring was a bit of a challenge as there are many different shades in his coat.  I wanted to have the carving end up close to the real Toby, but didn’t want to get too dark in a small carving.

I started out with a light chocolate colour on Toby and then gradually highlighted him with a darker asphaltum brown, burnt umber and finally a wash of carbon black in some areas.  I think the variation of colours came out pretty nicely…in some light, you can see the lighter colours and in other light the darker colours seem to come out more.  The eyes are just blacked in at this point, but I’ll be adding colour to them shortly along with a bright clear epoxy finish to give it a glassy look.

Still need to paint up the dock and build the oak base…


Just a Quick Update

Just a quick note to show you the canoe paddles and small working decoy that came to life last night.


Toby on the Dock

Here are a few shots of Toby’s progress.  Still a bit more work to do on the face but I like the way he’s shaping up.  The carving isn’t intended to be a perfect likeness of a Lab but I think that I’m getting that innocent Lab look on his face.  I do have several photos of the “real” Toby and am using those for a reference.


I’m also enjoying carving another dock scene.  I was toying with adding a rope coil on this scene as well but I think I’m going to try something a bit different to balance out the piece.  Right now, I’m thinking about a couple of canoe paddles laying on the dock at the ready for Toby’s next big adventure.


A few more hours of detail and I’ll be ready to start painting…which will be interesting and fun.  Toby is a chocolate Lab with several tones of brown in his coat.  The dock itself will be light coloured and weathered to contrast with the Lab’s colour.






Toby the Lab

After seeing Fergus on the dock, a friend asked if I could come up with a similar dock scene for her pal, Toby.  Toby is a chocolate Labrador Retriever who also likes being near ( and in ) the water.

I’ll change up the dock a bit and have Toby in one of those serene Lab poses just gazing out over the water.  I’m thinking about a couple of working duck decoys laying on the dock near him.

Here’s his progress so far.






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